Ways to Support RHA

Our Annual Fund and Building Original Minds Capital Campaign

Over the past half century, Robbins Hebrew Academy (formerly USDS) has produced some of Canada’s leading entrepreneurs, great legal minds, groundbreaking scientists, business titans and community philanthropists. And yes, we’ve even got a top Hollywood writer, some Olympic champions and an NHL star (even better – who plays for the Toronto Maple Leafs!)

Our formula for success lies in pushing beyond the boundaries of a progressive educational experience that teaches students to excel academically but also as they develop the critical skills and traits to become tomorrow’s leaders and innovators. Classrooms are living, changing systems that teach real-life problem solving and promote inquiry.

Lifelong success is a function of how well our children are taught to invent, adapt, persist and collaborate, and the classroom is often referred to as the ‘third teacher’.

At RHA, our students learn what it means to be a Jew and to live a Jewish life with an enduring connection to the State of Israel.

Students are equipped with the tools and knowledge to practice Jewish religion and culture in their lives. Mitzvot and Tzedakah are core values. Students study the holidays, learn Jewish history and explore Jewish traditions. They perform Chanukah plays, they lead Siddur ceremonies, they eat in the Sukkah and they march proudly through the streets of Toronto on Israel’s birthday. Our students explore what a Jewish identity means for each of them.

Just as in general studies, we are always innovating in our Judaic studies program. From the spoken word to the ancient text, we offer programs that make Hebrew and Bible Studies bring relevance to today’s world and a child’s life.

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  • Academic Innovation

    RHA has always been known for its academic rigour. But we never stop evolving.

    Each year, we find new ways to take learning to new heights. We bring in well-tested, world-renowned models of education. We pilot new programs that are at the forefront of educational innovation. And we focus on the whole child by making the development of character an integral part of our educational experience.
  • Programs: Beyond the Books

    Learning is no longer just about books. Now it includes all sorts of activities that enrich the mind, the body and the spirit. This approach is based on decades of data that says developing the whole child is fundamental to their success. We have incorporated what used to be the ‘extras’ into our curriculum.
    These enriched rich programs include chess, debate, sports, music, arts, skating and other activities that support the whole child at RHA.
  • Tuition Assistance

    We know the statistics. We know Jewish day school provides the best guarantee that our children will lead life as a committed Jew. Nearly a quarter-century of studies have consistently demonstrated the profound impact of day school education on Jewish identity.

    There is indeed financial assistance that helps some families with the cost of a Jewish education. But these subsidies only apply to a select few. There are many families who earn above the threshold so do not qualify, yet the cost of Jewish day school places an untenable burden.

    We are closely involved with the United Jewish Appeal Federation of Greater Toronto. We work hard to ensure that every family who wishes to offer a Jewish education to their child at RHA is able to do so with the support of our community.