School Life


Our bodies are made to move! Research shows the profound benefits of physical education in school. Not only does it help develop motor skills and muscles, it also promotes academic learning, builds self-esteem, fosters self-discipline and teaches good sportsmanship.

Each grade participates in physical education twice weekly. The program is extensive, and follows the Ontario curriculum guidelines. Daily Physical Activity (DPA) takes place for students in grades one to five. Every morning, ten cross-graded groups of elementary school students meet in the gym. Led by grade 5 students, the groups take part in activities such as dance, group challenges, fitness stations, sports skills, yoga and mindfulness. It is also during DPA where Character Education is put into practice. Cooperation, empathy, perseverance and honesty are character traits demonstrated here on a regular basis.
Intramural sports take place every lunch hour for elementary and middle school grades respectively. The students are divided into 4 teams; red, blue, green and yellow, and compete in various sports and group games. Through intramurals, the students practice skills while learning valuable lessons such as acceptance, empathy, integrity and good sportsmanship.

Early morning sports is a fun drop-in club that takes place weekly before the start of the school day. Students from grades 1-5 come to play sports and games with friends from other classes and other grades.
RHA participates actively in The Jewish Day School Sports League (JDSSL). The board, comprised of physical education teachers from the participating schools, meets monthly to plan and organize a vast array of inter-school leagues and tournaments. Here are some of the sports in which we compete:
  • Junior Sports: Cross Country Running, Junior Boys/Girls Soccer, Junior Boys/Girls Basketball, Co-Ed Ice Hockey, Co-Ed Softball, Track and Field
  • Middle School Sports: Cross Country Running, Girls Basketball, Boys Basketball, Co-Ed Ice Hockey, Girls/Boys Softball, Boys Flag Football, Girls/Boys Ultimate Frisbee, Girls Volleyball, Boys Volleyball, Track & Field