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Community News

We offer information about upcoming events in Toronto that may be of interest to our community. While we publish items and events, we do not endorse any event or organization.

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  • Host a Hero This June

    Every year, Beit Halochem Canada welcomes a group of wounded Israeli veterans to Toronto for a two-week visit.

    Friendly families are needed to host our visitors.  Our volunteer committee provides an exciting itinerary of outings, activities, and much hospitality.  Host families offer a home, a few meals, and friendship.  Co-Host families also have the opportunity to participate in this remarkable experience, with all strongly encouraged to take part in group activities.  This experience-of-a-lifetime. We hope you'll help welcome our heroes.
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  • PJ Library presents: PJ Our Way

    PJ Library sends free Jewish children's books to families across the world every month. We know that something magical happens when parents sit down together to read with their children. PJ Library shares Jewish stories that can help your family talk together about values and traditions that are important to you. 
    PJ Our Way is PJ Library’s “next chapter” designed for kids ages 9-12. Once children age out of PJ Library program, they are invited to go on the website and make an online profile for PJ Our Way to subscribe and be able to go online each month and choose a new Jewish-themed novel that they would like to receive.

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  • Torah and Tree Pose Series

    Winter Sessions:
    January 16, February 13, March 13, April 24, May 8 and June 5

    Our Torah, yoga and mindfulness program, known as Torah and Tree Pose is returning monthly starting this Monday, January 16  at 9:00 a.m.

    Marcee is an outstanding yoga instructor. The moves and techniques are suitable for both novices and advanced students alike. CLICK HERE for details.

    Registration is required. To register click here