Financial Assistance

Financial Assistance

If you are not in a position to afford full tuition, we encourage you to apply for financial assistance through one of two paths.

Path 1: Generations Trust Scholarship

UJA Federation’s Generations Trust Scholarship will make Jewish day school more affordable for many families in our community.
If you have not qualified in the past for tuition assistance or even considered the possibility of tuition relief, now is the time to explore a Generations Trust Scholarship!
Who qualifies?
Applicants must have one, two, or three children between JK and grade 8 enrolled at the same time in one or more of UJA’s funded Jewish day schools.

How does the scholarship work?

The Scholarship sets a household tuition cap linked to one’s household income. This cap represents a family’s maximum total tuition fee for up to three students. It will not change if you have one, two, or three students enrolled.
Want to know if your family qualifies?
Find out in just minutes! Visit the Generations Trust Scholarship website to use the quick and anonymous scholarship calculator, which can estimate your eligibility and how much you can expect to pay in day school tuition with a Generations Trust Scholarship.

Path 2: Tuition Assistance Program

Families who do not qualify under Generations Trust Scholarship can apply for tuition assistance through JCAP.
Who qualifies?
  • Applicants with students in Grades 1-12 enrolled in one or more of UJA’s funded Jewish day schools.
  • Applicants with students in JK-SK can also use the portal to apply for a reduced rate which is subsidized by RHA.

How To Apply For Either Program

Use this link to go directly to the UJA Community Scholarship portal. For first-time applicants, create a login by selecting “Register Here”. For families who have applied in the past, use your login to sign in.

Please note that, you can only apply for either the Generation Trust Scholarship or the Tuition Assistance Program. You cannot apply for both simultaneously. If you are not granted a scholarship with Generations Trust or the fee is more than you can afford you may then submit an application for regular Tuition Assistance.

The scholarship applications are called as follows:
  • Generations Trust Scholarship
  • Day School Scholarship (AKA Tuition Assistance Program

Application Date And Deadline

It is strongly encouraged that you use the calculator found on the Generations Trust Scholarship website BEFORE submitting an application to confirm which program you will qualify for as only one application can be reviewed at a time. Please feel free to email Shoshannah at if you are unsure which program to apply for.

1. Generation Trust Scholarship
  • Application Deadline is Sunday, May 15, 2022
  • Applicants who do not qualify will be notified by UJA
  • Applicants that do qualify will see a reduction on their tuition contract

2. Tuition Assistance Program
  • Application Deadline is Sunday, May 29, 2022

Who To Contact

If you have any questions about the Generation Trust Scholarship or Tuition Assistance Program application process, please do not hesitate to contact Shoshannah Engel at
For a more detailed conversation about your financial situation, please contact Nava Blankenstein at

For technical support with the portal please email