About RHA

Learning For the 21st Century

Facts and figures are just the beginning. 21st century learners will need to learn how to think critically, creatively and collaboratively.
RHA delivers personalized learning from Nursery to Grade 8 for the next generation of thinkers, leaders and innovators. 
As a progressive Jewish learning academy, we equip students with the skills to think critically, the imagination to think beyond and the discipline that builds character. At RHA, children will grow and develop the foundations they need to thrive as a global citizen in the 21st century.
We have developed a curriculum that is at the cutting-edge of academic innovation.

We nurture and develop the foundation your child needs to thrive in the years ahead. That’s why we consult with top resources and research to measure what our little leaders of tomorrow will need to establish today. We teach students how to think and solve complex problems – creatively and critically – and how to communicate and collaborate. While independent thinking is important, the ability to work with others, absorb diverse viewpoints and make meaningful connections is imperative in our connected world. We instill globally-minded thinking and how to be mindful of the social, political and environmental impact of decision making. We are at the forefront of a shift in education that focuses on skills, wellness, and a partnership in learning between students and educators. These important lessons will stay with them forever. No matter what path they pursue, they will be ready.
Our students develop a sense of pride in their Jewish identity and a meaningful connection to Israel. We teach modern Hebrew language skills which prepare our graduates to be conversationally proficient. 
Robbins Hebrew Academy is the first Jewish day school in Ontario to be CAIS accredited – the gold standard in educational excellence, putting us in the company of some of Canada’s most exceptional independent schools.
The Early Years Program is formative for our students. Inspired by Reggio Emilia, the world’s leading model of Early Childhood Education, we teach our little mensches to become the very best versions of themselves. We get to know each one of our students and what they need to flourish.
An education at RHA goes far beyond academics. Through our Character Education Initiative we celebrate, teach and encourage curious learners, nimble thinkers and creative critical problem-solvers to approach the world with integrity, empathy, responsibility and courage. We are on a mission to promote these qualities every day so our children become outstanding ethical leaders and mensches. They understand the importance of tikkun olam and how to commit to making the world a better place.
What makes us unique is our close-knit and nurturing community, where families celebrate each other's simchas and rally together in times of crisis; where older students help our younger children feel like they belong; where staff and faculty know each and every student, no matter the grade; where leadership, integrity, care and responsibility are cultural cornerstones. These relationships lead to learning that is ingrained and personal.
It’s no wonder that for more than 60 years after it was founded, Robbins Hebrew Academy remains at the forefront of Hebrew education in Toronto. The school began as the Foundation Day School at Beth Tzedec Congregation in 1957, then became United Synagogue Day School (USDS) as enrolment increased. Today, our school remains a vital member of Prizmah, the network for Jewish Day Schools across North America and provides an integrated Judaic and general studies program to students.
The results speak for themselves. Our students take top spots in global and national competitions – from math to Bible studies, from creative writing to athletics and debate. 
Our graduates go on to become leaders of industry and institutions, but most importantly, they leave RHA with the skills, confidence and mindset to succeed in their lifelong journey. They complete their RHA education as mensches who care for their communities and the world around them. In an unpredictable and constantly changing world, the enduring impact and power of an RHA education is the confidence and know-how to navigate forward.