School Life

Balanced Student Life

RHA supports the growth of well-rounded students by offering a myriad of opportunities in physical fitness, art, dance and programs that foster social and emotional development. Through our wide range of student life programs, we help students develop motivation, concentration, confidence and teamwork.

Creative Curriculum

Our students choose from countless options in the arts and sports. Creativity is an integral part of our academic curriculum. It helps students enhance their self-expression. It promotes independent thinking and adaptive problem-solving. It is a preparatory paradigm to meet new and unexpected challenges. A creative learning environment fosters freedom of thinking, and it drives our students to ask new questions and find innovative answers.

Academy of Excellence

During and after school, students dance, sing, perform and play ball. Through our after school Academy of Excellence, students can choose from a whole range of activities including yoga, hip-hop, cooking, movie-making, public speaking, martial arts, multi-sport and guitar. Every student is given the opportunity to participate in the school play, whether on stage or behind the scenes. Art and Music run weekly for our Elementary grades and our Middle School participates in Art, Music, Drama and Computer Coding.

Physical Activity

Physical fitness is no less crucial. Our students have recess where they have unstructured play, as well as intraschool soccer, ultimate frisbee, basketball, hockey, volleyball, softball, flag football and track. RHA teams are inclusive, fun and can offer competitive play for those interested in pursuing a medal!