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Robbins Hebrew Academy is a hub for 21st century thinking that spans beyond our front door and engages Israel in both a critical and meaningful way.

We offer our students an enriched Israel education where they learn to see Israel through many lenses. We not only teach them to be versed in its political vision but also in its social, religious and historical. Built into our values, we see Israel as a large component of our students’ Jewish identity and in addition, we have a separate mission, vision and value statement dedicated specifically to Israel education.

A significant piece to the Israeli education at RHA is the Young Emissary program. Each year, we bring two 18 year old students from Israel to aid in the development of Israel education and strengthen the bond in a sophisticated, personal, and relevant way. With their regular attendance in our classrooms, they reduce the gap between Diaspora and Israeli culture.  Each year, these students, referred to as Shin Shinim become household names in the RHA community and are welcomed not only by the students, but by parents, teachers, and alumni as well.



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