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Robbins Hebrew Academy is a place where extraordinary things happen. This is made possible thanks to gifts of all sizes from parents, grandparents, faculty, the Board of Directors, alumni, and our community to provide extras for excellence.
On Wednesday, March 1, 2023, RHA will participate in a collective Day of Giving along with 12 other Jewish schools across the GTA. The online fundraising event highlights the benefits of Jewish education. Proceeds will support our Annual Fund, a source of revenue that fuels academic innovation and program enhancements each year to propel us to greater heights as a leading Jewish academy. 
Please support RHA’s commitment to excellence. Our campaign goal is to achieve 100% parent and staff participation — at any meaningful level.  Your gift will impact our student experience including state-of-the-art campus improvements, academic innovation, tuition support, and other enhancements to our programs. Through your donation dollars in action, we are able to offer robotics twinning; programming tools; financial literacy; debating programs connecting us with Israel; youthful furniture; technology such as Smart TVs, iPads, laptop charging stations and Chromebooks; mindfulness games and equipment; and so much more.
All gifts over $18 will receive a charitable donation receipt. We encourage you to visit and make a donation at:
We are thrilled to announce that all donations will be QUADRUPLED (that’s 4Xs your donation)! Your gift will truly impact the next generation of Jewish thinkers, leaders, educators and problem solvers.
Thank you for supporting RHA. Every gift is greatly appreciated!