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Campaign Stars: Ronnie and Sabrina Strasser

For the past three years, Ronnie and Sabrina Strasser have brought their talents and energy to RHA as annual Gala Chairs.
Now they want to do more.
“My father always told us that it is easier to criticize than do,” Ronnie says. “So I do.”
Ronnie has taken on the role of chair of the Building Original Minds campaign. His committee will oversee the fundraising for RHA and will be the driving force behind a five-year capital campaign to renovate the school and take its academic and extra-curricular programming to the next level.
For the Strassers, becoming involved at RHA goes far beyond facilities. It is about enhancing Jewish education. It has long been a priority for Ronnie, who is a dad to a 28 year-old son and a daughter, 26. Like their father, both kids were C.H.A.T. graduates. Now there is a new generation of Strassers.
When it came time to choose a school for their girls, Abby, 8 and Chloe 5, Sabrina says RHA was their top pick.
“RHA felt right from the beginning. We were looking for a smaller, close-knit community where our daughters would feel confident.”
The Strassers rave about the school, particularly the curriculum, the teachers and the accessibility of the administration. Growing up in a more traditional home with Israeli parents, Sabrina also likes that the girls are learning strong values.
“We have seen major improvements in the school over the past few years. The renovation of our early years wing now gives it the demeanor of a private school,” says Ronnie. “There is a renewed energy and it’s extending to the upper grades.”
The Strassers have kicked off the campaign with a generous donation. They believe the future depends on it. “We are not just working at this for the benefit of our kids,” says Ronnie, “but for the benefit of all Jewish kids.”
Building Original Minds goes beyond physical improvements to the facility. It includes character development, sports, music, the arts and academic innovation in the areas of STEM, coding and common learning areas. And of course, tuition relief for families that need it.
Ronnie says this is the perfect time for him to take on this role. I have the opportunity, the capability and the time.
And along with Sabrina, he certainly has the passion.