Learning Never Stops

Physical Education and Wellness

RHA entered a new reality in providing physical education, shifting the focus from athletic skill acquisition to lessons that were focused on health education.
This mindset shift gave our students a greater appreciation for fitness, nutrition, wellness and mental health and encouraged them to take responsibility for their health in these areas. 

Students took part in lessons where they participated in dance, yoga, mindfulness, fitness and healthy eating activities. Students were encouraged to do physical activity every day, whether indoors or outdoors, to log it in an activity log and to share the information with Ms. Kizner, our physical education teacher. We saw incredible enthusiasm and commitment!  A online Health and Wellness Corner gave the students additional activities such as follow-along video links, home-made videos, recipes and more. 

Middle School students met online to do class activities, but many did physical activity independently during scheduled breaks. Tracking their activity and nutrition, completing mini-challenges and learning relevant health topics were all part of the RHA online learning journey supporting wellness.