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Did You ever Imagine that Education Could Look Like This

Welcome to RHA’s most ambitious fundraising campaign ever with a goal of $5 million.

Over the past half century, Robbins Hebrew Academy (USDS) has produced some of Canada’s leading entrepreneurs, great legal minds, groundbreaking scientists, business titans and community philanthropists. And yes, we’ve even got a top Hollywood writer, some Olympic champions and an NHL star.

The reason for our success is no great mystery: we have always offered a cutting-edge educational experience that has taught students to excel not just academically, but as leaders and innovators.

Yet as the world changes in unprecedented ways, we know that critical thinking is just the beginning. Today, lifelong success is a function of how well our children are taught to invent, adapt, persist and collaborate.

In fact, our very vision is to produce generations of original thinkers who go on to lead life with courage and compassion. That takes not only a rigorous curriculum; it also takes a physical environment that inspires, along with programs that instill discipline and character.

We are so proud that RHA is the only Jewish day school in Ontario to be accredited by CAIS, the gold standard in educational excellence. Not only does it put us on par with the best private schools anywhere, it also makes us part of a world-wide consortium of leading educators who share global standards of best practice.

But we never rest on our laurels. Providing an elite educational experience means consistently offering more and better to our students, to our families and to our community.

We invite you to make your mark in our proud history. We invite you to continue our legacy of shaping tomorrow’s thinkers and leaders. We invite you to be part of our community.

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