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Building Our Campus

When RHA received its CAIS accreditation, we became recognized for our unparalleled teaching, advanced curriculum and remarkable educational experience. But we know that a great physical environment is pretty important too. So we’re renovating. And it’s major. We’re creating spaces that inspire critical thinking, creative problem-solving and collaborative learning. We’re building classrooms that are as integral to learning as is our curriculum. We’re constructing outdoor environments that instill resourcefulness and resilience in our children.

RHA is a Jewish academy that offers the academic rigour and strength of community we have long been celebrated for, along with new, state-of-the-art facilities that will take education to the next level.

Our building project is a wonderful opportunity to support one of Canada’s most enduring and successful Jewish learning institutions.

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  • The Early Years Wing

    RHA’s early years curriculum is Reggio Emilia-inspired – a world-renowned approach that is recognized by educators, researchers and psychologists as the best in early childhood education.
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  • The Elementary School Wing

    As our students graduate from early child education, they enter into elementary school, which further focuses on critical thinking, creative problem-solving and collaborative work.
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  • The Middle School Wing

    Over the past few years, we have rethought and reinvigorated our middle school program with a new curriculum, new programs and new approaches to teaching and learning. We’ve introduced an Arts Block that includes not only visual arts and drama, but also drumming, ukulele and coding.
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  • Science Lab

    Today’s science lab is an integrated experience for young scientists. The most innovative labs are connected technologically – virtual learning is central to experiments. Labs are agile enough to accommodate diverse fields of scholarship because the best science is now interdisciplinary and integrates STEM subjects.
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  • Imaginarium

    The Imaginarium was built to get a makerspace up and running – we couldn’t wait for the renovation of the rest of the floor to get it done! The Imaginarium promotes invention through hands-on exploration.
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  • L’Dor V’Dor Wall

    Our Wall of Stars is named in memory Ruth H. Gales. 162 donors couldn’t wait to celebrate their children and grandchildren with individual Magen Davids.
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  • Classrooms

    Every single RHA classroom will be transformed into a modern learning space. That means maximum flexibility for interdisciplinary learning, whole-group teaching and small-group work.
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  • The Learning Commons

    Printed books are still integral to learning. But they are not the whole story anymore. Enter digital technologies, which offer more pathways to learning. Useful as traditional libraries are for archiving, they are no longer sufficient for the wired learner.
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