Building Original Minds

Building Original Minds is RHA’s most ambitious fundraising campaign ever, with a goal of $5 million.
Over the past half century, Robbins Hebrew Academy (formerly USDS) has produced some of Canada’s leading entrepreneurs, great legal minds, groundbreaking scientists, business titans and community philanthropists. And yes, we’ve even got a top Hollywood writer, some Olympic champions and an NHL star (even better – who plays for the Toronto Leafs!)

Our formula for success lies in pushing beyond the boundaries of a progressive educational experience that teaches students to excel academically, but as develop the critical skills and traits to become tomorrow’s leaders and innovators. Classrooms are living, changing systems that teach real-life problem solving and promote inquiry. Lifelong success is a function of how well our children are taught to invent, adapt, persist and collaborate, and the classroom is often referred to as the ‘third teacher’.

Our ‘Building Original Minds’ campaign will ensure that we have a physical environment that inspires teachers and learners to go beyond traditional walls and desks as they forge ahead with new learning techniques and practices. We invite you to make your mark in our proud history. We invite you to continue our legacy of shaping tomorrow’s thinkers and leaders. We invite you to be part of our community by supporting this important campaign.

To learn more about opportunities to support RHA's Capital Campaign, please contact Reagan Macklin, Director of Strategic Development at 416-224-8737 x 140.