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Robbins Hebrew Academy’s resource program is designed to enhance successful student academic achievement at all levels. It is based on a model of figuring out what it takes for ALL students to achieve high standards through systematic school wide support.

This multi-level program offers four levels of quality research based instruction and/or intervention in designated academic areas. These may include mathematics, reading, written expression, spelling, study skills and English language instruction. Teachers have been trained by experts in critical thinking to offer high quality classroom instruction based on the Ontario curriculum and best practices in teaching, learning and assessment. They have personalized their unit plans to guide their teaching in providing supplemental or intensive support or enrichment using differentiated instructional methods and appropriate material selection.

Support from our team of professionals is available for students with identified learning needs to provide support or enrichment. The program is diagnostic and complements the school curriculum. Students' needs are determined through testing, observation, teacher referrals and conferences.

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