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RHA offers a range of Extracurricular Programs to students. Discovering new interests, finding hidden talent and committing to something bigger than oneself are important moments in the growth of any child. That’s why we offer optional clubs and activities to engage the mind and excite the spirit.

These programs run either during lunch or after school – each running around 8-12 weeks long. The programs range in cost from $160 to $360 depending on topic and length. Extracurricular Programs are not part of our in-class work and are completely optional.

After School

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  • KinderChefs

    Students will delight in preparing delicious and nutritious dishes. Each week, they will follow a recipe from start to finish that they can take home and share with family and friends. All ingredients are included.
  • Basketball

    Students will enhance their athletic ability, knowledge of the game, self-esteem and confidence. With the aid of skilled instructors, athletes will develop skills through drills, improvement of balance, footwork, defense, ball handling, shooting & passing, and rebounding skills. Students will improve their overall skills and become more well-rounded basketball players.
  • Soccer

    Discover why this sport is the most loved, played, and watched throughout the world. This program embraces the nostalgia that the sport has created for over a century. Beginning with teamwork, drills, ball control, and other exercises, students enhance their skills. Led by a qualified North Toronto Nitros coach.
  • Chess

    Whether new to the game or having some knowledge and skill, this program will allow the student to advance in their playing ability. Beginners will learn fundamentals including piece movement, castling, checkmate, stalemate, and draws. More advanced players will improve their game by learning middle tactic devices, beginning and end game strategies, how to dissect any position, recognize its individual parts and, ultimately, find the best move.
  • KinderSTEM

    Your child will learn the foundations of STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) while building key social and change-making skills. Kids will create their own inventions in our weekly programs.
  • Action Potential Lab

    Calling all kid inventors, designers and engineers! Inventor's Club is all about using our hands and our brains to design brilliant, light-bulb worthy ideas. Together, over the semester, we’ll learn all about the world of inventors, designers, and engineers, and then become them ourselves. Using a variety of electronics, craft and recycled materials, each child will create prototypes, sketch ideas, build 3D models, and demo designs.
  • Lego Club

    LEGOs are ideal for children to build their ideas because they are simple, durable, and reusable. After each class, the LEGO creations are taken apart so they can be used to solve different challenges in the next session.
  • U CAN DO IT – Wood Working

    We bring our children-friendly, specially designed hexagon tables which incorporate a vice for holding pieces of wood while constructing projects. Working with our age-appropriate designs, tools and tables students construct projects while developing an understanding of basic building principles, improving their co-ordination, and boosting confidence.
  • Pawsitively Pets

    Pawsitively Pets has a variety of hands-on educational and interactive party packages perfect for animal lovers of all ages! You get up close and personal with all things furry, feathered, slithery or slimy!
  • Minecraft

    In our Minecraft programs, kids learn how to make Minecraft even more awesome, how computers and servers work, and core computer programming concepts while collaborating with kids equally excited about Minecraft.
    Minecraft is a gateway to introduce them to other STEM topics such as Robotics and Coding.

Lunch Programs

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  • All That Dance Hip Hop

    All that dance Inc. comes to RHA!!!
    Amanda’s Hip Hop classes teach rhythm, coordination, musicality and choreography. Students are challenged to think on their feet and be creative while enjoying an energetic dance class.
  • Model Making

    Let your children get hands-on with a Model Kit. They will have a great time constructing this comprehensive model. Model making encourages young boys and girls to expand their creativity, think logically, and even refine their motor skills. It makes science, mechanical engineering and technology exciting from start to finish.  
  • Tween Bootcamp

    Build fitness while doing a fun variety of activities including:, agility drills, strength training, and workout games. Led by a certified personal trainer.
  • DIY Interior Designer: Dream Room

    Design your own mini dream room! Crafting corner? Check! Spaceship bed? Yes! Piles of
    pillows & stuffy’s? Absolutely! Each class we will focus on a new room detail, and a new skill!
    We will provide all the materials, and you’ll bring your imagination! Skills include hand-sewing, cutting fabric, fine-motor, creativity, embroidery, threading sewing needles, drawing and painting.
  • Yoga

    Discover the benefits of meditation and relaxation. Students will have fun learning techniques in breathing, stretching, and beginner yoga poses. Namaste.
  • Theatre

    Our theatre classes are geared towards a final production each season. These classes are a great introduction for young kids to the world of drama. Act One classes help build confidence and self-esteem, strengthen communication skills, teach valuable social skills, and foster the imagination-all in a fun and safe environment. Each new session will have a new play to perform. The first session will be The Lion King.