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Accreditations and Affiliations

Robbins Hebrew Academy is accredited by or affiliated with the following organizations:

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 The Canadian Association of Independent Schools (CAIS) was established in 1981 as a national network for member schools supporting collaborative initiatives in leadership, education, management and governance. A community of independent schools, CAIS explores and pursues exemplary leadership, training, research and international standards of educational excellence. Its key activities included organizing, co-ordinating, and facilitating conferences, benchmarking, senior management compensation surveys, and advocacy. 

All CAIS schools meet 11 National Standards and commit to on-going research and professional development.  These standards include Vision, Mission, Values and Strategy; Co-Curriculum and Learning Environment; Academic Program; School Leadership; Human Resources; School and Community; Admission Procedures; Governance; Finance; Physical Plant, Health and Safety and Commitment to School Improvement.  For more details on the 11 CAIS National Standards, click here.

Parents of CAIS schools can expect the best.


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The Critical Thinking Consortium (TC2) is an internationally renowned, non-profit association of education professionals who are committed to promoting critical thinking from primary to post-secondary education through professional development, publications and research. Since its inception in 1993, TC2 has worked with thousands of educators in North America, Europe and Asia. The TC2 model of critical thinking embeds critical thinking into regional school curriculums to make it more accessible to teachers and their students in a broad range of educational contexts.


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UJA Federation's mission is to preserve & strengthen the quality of Jewish life in Greater Toronto, Canada, Israel and around the world through philanthropic, volunteer and professional leadership. The UJA Federation vision is to lead the most vibrant Jewish community in North America - a community characterized by its diversity, unity, compassion, generosity and commitment to Israel and Jewish values.

Together we are changing lives
The strength of Toronto's Jewish community is its commitment to core Jewish values, including our deep commitment to Israel, and our dedication to Tikkun Olam, serving the most vulnerable in our community. UJA Federation touched so many of the lives of our diverse and vibrant community, celebrating Jewish life, standing up for the Jewish homeland, and inspiring younger generations to explore their connection to their roots. 


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The Schechter Day School Network is a voluntary association of Jewish day schools spanning 19 states in the U.S. and 2 provinces in Canada. The Network operates under the umbrella of The United Synagogue of Conservative Judaism. The member schools are independent and each has its own board of directors or board of trustees. However, they share an affiliation and identification with the religious philosophy, principles, beliefs and practices of the Conservative movement.

The Schechter Day School Network provides services, resources, professional development, leadership training and support to its affiliated schools and their professional and lay leaders throughout North America. They strive to promote collaboration among member schools and to foster the development of curriculum, materials, and methods for acquiring knowledge of the spiritual and ethical values of Judaism, the traditions of Judaism, the skills of Jewish living, and the performance of mitzvot. Through networking and sharing resources, the Schechter Network builds relationships among schools and offers opportunities for lay leaders and professionals to enhance their abilities to work as collaborative and successful partners.

Solomon Schechter Day Schools are open to Jewish children whether or not their parents are affiliated with the Conservative Movement and do not discriminate on the basis of sex, race, age, national origin, ancestry, creed, marital or parental status or sexual orientation.


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