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Today, learning facts and figures is not enough.  In this globally complex and ever-changing world, our children need to learn how to think critically, creatively and collaboratively.

At RHA, we have developed a curriculum that is at the cutting-edge of academic innovation.  Based on decades of research by the world’s best minds in education, our pedagogy inspires students to explore, discover, debate and imagine – the very skills researchers have identified as essential for becoming original thinkers and principled leaders.

What's more, education at RHA goes far beyond academics.  In fact, we are renowned for our close-knit and nurturing community, where families celebrate each other's simchas and rally together in times of crisis; where older students help our younger children feel like they belong; where staff and faculty know each and every student, no matter the grade; where leadership, integrity, care and responsibility are cultural cornerstones.

It’s no wonder that, nearly 60 years after it was founded, Robbins Hebrew Academy remains at the forefront of Hebrew education in Toronto.  Begun in 1957 as the Foundation Day School at Beth Tzedec Congregation, it quickly became the United Synagogue Day School (USDS) as enrollment increased exponentially.  Today, RHA remains a vital member of the Schechter Day School Network.  RHA provides a full integrated Judaic and General Studies program to students from Nursery through Grade 8.

Extraordinary things happen at RHA.  That’s because we see learning as an actively creative process that values curiosity, independent thinking, multiple perspectives and challenging convention.  And it’s because we foster a love of Israel and Jewish identity through everything we do.  The results speak for themselves.  Our students take top spots in global and national competitions – from math to Bible studies, from creative writing to athletics.

At RHA, academic achievement is only one measure of success.  We are equally committed to instilling in our students the ethics and values that build lifelong character as individuals and as Jews.

In the end, we produce graduates who not only become leaders of industry and institutions but also become committed global citizens who care for their communities and the world around them.

It makes sense then that Robbins Hebrew Academy is the first Jewish day school in Ontario to be CAIS accredited – the gold standard in educational excellence.

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