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Character Education at RHA

Building Character

Since it began a half century ago, RHA has been celebrated for its unique and close-knit community, where integrity, leadership, care and responsibility are cultural cornerstones. Our goal is to build lifelong character in our children, developing them into responsible stewards and well-rounded citizens committed to their communities and to the world.

At RHA, ours is a community that celebrates simchas and rallies behind families in a crisis. It is a community where the little ones can look to the older students for warmth and support. Our nurturing environment is no accident. In fact, it is a concept that is institutionalized throughout RHA. In our Buddy Program, for instance, every child is assigned a friend from a different grade for shared learning experiences and special activities. In our Grade Five Leadership Program, students lead morning exercises, and then become Peacemakers on the playground to solve problems and lend a hand. Tribes is designed to create a culture in which students are respected by their peers and teachers for their different abilities, backgrounds and interests. Our Head of School is trained in bullying policies and practices based on the landmark work of Dan Olweus, the foremost authority in the field.

RHA is a deeply welcoming environment for parents as well, who are always encouraged to become an integral part of the school community through volunteering, committee work and classroom support. Our Ambassador Program matches new parents with returning parents who welcome newcomers, answer questions and introduce them to teachers, staff and other parents.

As alumnus Emily Freeman says, “RHA is more than a school. It’s a caring and passionate community of educators, students and parents who deliver an invaluable education that reaches far beyond the classroom.”

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