Learning Never Stops

When the doors of our school closed, RHA went home with our families.
Natalie B., RHA Parent
Learning never stopped at RHA due to COVID-19. Robbins Hebrew Academy was prepared to shift to online learning days after the announcement of physical school closures in Ontario in March of 2020.
Our entire faculty was trained, an online learning hub was launched, and comprehensive schedules were put into place from nursery - grade 8, mirroring the school day our students enjoyed until then.
Our synchronous learning provided support to students with live instruction with language, math, science, art, physical education teachers and resource. We continued with our planned curriculum and with personalized learning paths for each student. We continued with assessments and issued digital report cards at the end of the school year. 
While we were physically apart, we have never felt more like a community. RHA students have demonstrated resilience and a growth mindset in learning to navigate virtual learning. They have been creative, collaborative, and continued their critical thinking. They have worked with teachers one on one to address areas that they needed help on. They have worked together in groups and independently on projects that sparked their interest and felt relevant at home.

Robbins Hebrew Academy is equipped to keep learning for students in progress no matter what circumstances come next year. We are prepared to offer synchronous learning and we will be able to move fluidly in a hybrid learning model based on what is recommended by health authorities, maintaining social distancing and cohorting as space and staffing permits.
The safety of our students, staff and parents come first. Wellness – encompassing the intellectual, physical, emotional and social realities of our student’s lives, are at the centre of our planning for 2020-2021. Within the guidelines set out, we will prioritize RHA students learning at school, while planning to have synchronous online learning available. Our current plan is to have all students in class, every day. We have been able to plan this with highly dedicated staff and creative use of space. We believe that if possible, this reflects the best solution for our school community.
Below, you will find three sample schedules for our early years, elementary and middle school programs from 2019-2020 following the physical closure of schools. They provide a sense of the comprehensive curriculum and activities that will be in place to support learner needs in 2020, wherever learning takes place.

As long as we are allowed to do so based on school guidelines in August, students will be in their classroom half the day and on Zoom at school, with their classmates, for the other half of the time. If students are unable to attend classes in person, the provision for online instruction is available to all.

We are ready for fall of 2020, and are looking forward to being together in person!

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  • Early Years

    In early years, the social needs of our students was a primary focus of online learning.
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  • Elementary Program

    Elementary students were well positioned with technological tools already in place for learning strategies, as well as full resource support.
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  • Middle School

    Middle school students jumped into online instruction with exceptional ease.
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  • Judaic Studies, Hebrew Language and Ceremonies

    Our Judaic Studies program, including Hebrew instruction, moved online with other courses.
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  • Physical Education and Wellness

    RHA entered a new reality in providing physical education, shifting the focus from athletic skill acquisition to lessons that were focused on health education.
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  • Art

    Creativity blossomed at home during online learning.
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  • French

    C’est merveilleux!
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  • Resource Support

    Personalized learning meant that resource support needed to continue through online learning. Students were able to work on specific skill areas through established relationships and attention from our resource support team and teachers.
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We are working hard to plan for a successful 2020-2021 school year. Purposeful learning continued in 2019-2020, and we are planning to be ready for the full-time in person learning, synchronous and online learning that may be required depending on the climate and regulations of schools in Ontario this year. Currently, our planning indicates that all students will be at school every day.

If you would like to discuss registration for 2020-2021, please contact Michael Ferman, our Director of Admission at mferman@rhacademy.ca.