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Connecting to our Roots

At RHA, our students learn what it means to be a Jew and to live a Jewish life, with an enduring love for and connection to the state of Israel.

Students are immersed right from the start in Jewish religion and culture. Prayer is integrated into our learning structure. Mitzvot and Tzedakah are key components of our core values. Students study the holidays, learn Jewish history and explore Jewish traditions. They perform Chanukah plays, participate in Shabbat and Siddur ceremonies, eat in the Sukkah and march proudly through the streets of Toronto on Israel’s birthday.

We apply our same standard of academic innovation to our Judaic program. As students study the Bible and Israel, as well as the Hebrew language and literature, they engage in critical discussion, question conventional wisdom, and debate the many issues around Jewish values, identity and customs.

And when it comes to bringing the magic of Israel to our students, our Shinshinim Program is fundamental. Each year, two young Israelis become part of daily life at RHA to create an exchange of culture and a deeper understanding of Israel. Through classroom education, school activities, and weekly Shabbat programs, students build relationships with our Shinshinim and forge a genuine connection to our shared land.

Understanding their roots allows our students to see that they are an extension of our past and inextricably linked to one another no matter where Jews are situated. In the end, our students are imbued with a strong Jewish identity, and a way of creating their own personal relationships with Israel, Judaism and its traditions.


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