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Assessment and Evaluation

Teachers and students are engaged in thoughtful assessment and evaluation practices that are aimed at understanding and improving student learning.

This includes:

  • gathering evidence of their learning systematically through observation, conversation and work samples.
  • analyzing their progress using both ongoing, formative assessment and end of unit, summative assessment and self-assessment.
  • nurturing growth by interpreting evidence of their learning and providing meaningful feedback so that they can improve.
  • focusing teaching and learning so that they develop conceptual understanding through critical thinking. This means they can communicate their reasoning fully and explicitly and use evidence to support their answers.
  • engaging them in motivating and challenging critical thinking learning activities where assessment, instruction and learning expectations are tied together.

Determining a report card grade involves teachers’ professional judgment and interpretation of evidence and reflects the student’s most consistent level of achievement, with special consideration given to most recent work that the student has done.

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