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At RHA, our students learn what it means to be a Jew and to live a Jewish life with an enduring connection to the State of Israel.

Hebrew BookStudents are immersed right from the start in Jewish religion and culture. Mitzvot and Tzedakah are core values. Students study the holidays, learn Jewish history and explore Jewish traditions. They perform Chanukah plays, they lead Siddur ceremonies, they eat in the Sukkah and they march proudly through the streets of Toronto on Israel’s birthday. Most importantly, our students explore what a Jewish identity means for each them. 

Just as in general studies, we are always innovating in our Judaic program. From the spoken word to the ancient text, we are now piloting leading-edge programs that make Hebrew and Bible Studies relevant to today’s world and a child’s life. 

See what we’re up to.

Hebrew: Let’s Get Talking

“My son can write an essay in Hebrew for Torah study, but he can’t have an everyday conversation in Hebrew.” Sound familiar? We hear it a lot. And we’re listening.

More and more, parents want their children to be able to talk about sports, music and modern culture in Hebrew. Kids want it too. So we’ve added a conversational Hebrew program to our core curriculum for grades one to eight. Students learn to speak, read and write more uently through everyday language in short stories, novels, cartoons, signage and newspaper accounts.

When you sponsor this program, you are helping our children master a modern language that springs from our heritage.

Torah Study in English

Here’s another one we hear pretty often. “My daughter loves learning Torah, but she doesn’t have enough command of Hebrew to understand and discuss it.”

Once again, we hear you.

Now in grade 6, students have a choice about how to study Bible. For students who want enriched learning in a different language, they can opt for Torah study in Hebrew. For students who want less Hebrew but still want in-depth discussion where they can easily share their ideas, we offer Bible studies classes in English. And for students who nd Hebrew a challenge but want to persevere, we provide resource support.

Difficulty with Hebrew shouldn’t stop Jewish students from learning about their history and building their identity. Support them.

Torah Study – Global Style

We think getting outside of our own walls is important. So we’ve entered into partnership with the Lookstein Centre and Bar-Ilan University.

That has allowed a handful of our middle school students to spend one semester studying with their counterparts at Jewish day schools in Atlanta and Connecticut -- virtually. This year, students in the pilot program are studying the tale of Shlomo through a course called Constructing a Kingdom. The students, all of whom have a particular acumen for Bible study, are examining his life in its entirety and are exploring the text at a more enriched level.

Please help us roll out the program to every RHA
middle school student so they all have the opportunity to connect globally.

Shinshinim Program

Toronto has become the centerpiece of an incredible program that connects young Israeli emissaries to Jewish communities throughout North America. Ours is the largest and most extensive.

Shinshinim, top Israeli high school graduates who are pre-army, spend a year working in our schools, our synagogues and our cultural institutions. They live with our families, they teach our students about Israel, they celebrate Jewish holidays with congregants and our school, and they bring special meaning to our community ceremonies.

It’s dif cult to express the profound impact these young people have on our lives. Israeli culture becomes relevant. Israel’s challenges become personal. We come to love not only our Shinshinim, but their families as well. We cheer when they arrive and we cry when they leave because we know they are now going home to keep us safe. The bonds remain years after the Shinshinim have left.

The Shinshinim Program is made possible by Toronto’s Jewish Federation. Yet the costs RHA bears for it go beyond what we are provided. When you contribute, you make it possible to maintain a program that forever connects our children to Israel.

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