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Learning is no longer just about the books. Now it includes all sorts of activities that enrich the mind, the body and the spirit. That’s based on decades of data that says developing the whole child is fundamental to their success. So we have incorporated what used to be the ‘extras’ right into our regular curriculum. 

Our students love it.

Chess Program

When you drop by a grade 2 classroom, you might be surprised to see kids sprawled about playing a heated game of chess. That’s right. For one hour each week, over ten weeks, the acclaimed Chess Institute of Canada teaches our second graders to concentrate, strategize, identify patterns and work in teams. Kids are learning the most complex thinking skills without even knowing it. To them, it’s just fun.

Students in every grade could benefit from chess. When you become a champion of this program, you equip all of our students with a set of thinking and problem-solving skills they will apply to just about every academic and life challenge.

Debate Team

It was a nail-biter last year. Seven schools and 28 teams competed. In the semi-finals, three RHA teams went unbeaten and earned the highest cumulative scores.

Then came the championship. With a masterful performance, two of our top students took home the trophy for RHA.

The RHA debate program teaches public speaking and argumentation techniques that sharpen thinking and bolster self-esteem. There’s no doubt that debate is tough. But there is also no question that it offers a great set of skills that shape how students learn, think and communicate for the rest of their lives.

Talk to us about it.

Sports Program

Study after study has shown the importance of physical fitness for children. Not only does it help develop motor skills and muscles, it also promotes academic learning, fosters self-discipline, enhances motivation and teaches teamwork.

At RHA, our athletes are killing it! Our teams compete with other schools in soccer, basketball, hockey, volleyball, softball, ag football and track. Last year, our senior boys took rst place in ultimate frisbee. Our junior basketball team was the only one in the league to win nine of ten games.

Organized sports aren’t the only way our kids get fit. Every morning we have DPA. It stands for daily physical activity and it’s a mandatory, school-wide program that gets kids ready for the day with exercise, mindfulness and team-building.

Athletics are expensive. Equipment, transportation, training, uniforms – the costs add up. Sponsoring our sports program has huge payoff. And who knows? We might even be home to another Zach Hyman – RHA grad (’06) and NHL star.

Music Program

We do all the usual when it comes to music. We have a beautiful choir that has performed for Premier Wynne and brings joy to our elderly at Baycrest. We have weekly music lessons that teach our students to sing as uently in Hebrew as in English.

But then we add components that seem a little out there but are very strategic indeed. We teach drumming because science shows that drummers have an innate ability to problem-solve and that rhythm strengthens visual, auditory and motor brain function. We teach ukulele because neuroscientists say it combines the linguistic and mathematical precision of the left brain with the creative capacity of the right. And finally, we teach students to write music because it improves memory, reduces stress and increases overall grade average. (Really!)

Your gift to our music program has a transformational effect that extends far beyond today’s performance. The study of music provides skills that apply to careers including medicine, business, politics, education, science and sports. It’s a no-brainer.

Arts Block

Yes, we introduce our students to the world’s great artists – Kandinsky, Goldsworthy and Chagall among them. We also teach our children about specific art periods – from Renaissance to Neoclassicism, from Romanticism to Modern Art.

But our Arts Block is more than information for learning sake. Consistent with RHA’s focus on critical thinking, students explore and establish personal connections to art. They think about it in the context of our global community. They discuss it in terms of its relationship to cultures, social change, politics and socio-economics. They look at it through a Jewish lens – what does art tell us about the Jewish experience throughout the ages?

Then there are all of the other elements of our Arts Block. Drama, drumming, painting, coding, ukulele – activities that not only bring to life our students’ creative talent, but build big brains in the process.

When you become a patron of the arts at RHA, you are helping our students see the world from a whole new perspective.


Thanks to a world overrun by technology and screens, most young children don’t get enough exercise. We’re always looking for fresh ways to tackle the problem.

Skating in our Early Years Program has our JK and SK classes lacing up for a nine- week session at Forest Hill Arena.

When you help our little ones stay on the ice, they not only gain balance, control and agility. They also come away with a whole lot of confidence and some rosy cheeks.




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